All below images were taken on 19 May 2011 in Krugersdorp - Johannesburg at 18H12 SAST.




Camera: Canon 50D with shutter at 1/500th, ISO at 1250 at time 18H12 SAST
manually guided... with one hand on the camera at prime focus (rear mounted hence using the actual scope as a telephoto lens), and the other hand on the scope guiding via the finder scope.....

First image was taken when the ISS and STS134 was at an approx distance from me of around 800km! You can clearly see the main solar panels to the left and right of the image:

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Second image was taken when the ISS and STS134 was approx at the zenith (right above my head) at an approx altitude of 400km! If my orientation serves me correct, the Shuttle is the area at the bottom (6 o clock) on the image with it's tail pointing downwards:

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